Treatment for morbid obesity associated to type 2 diabetes, hypertension and other disorders.

Reduction of approximately 75% of the size of the stomach, with which 50-60% of the excess weight is lost.

This technique achieves up to a 70% of weight loss in the long term, improving all comorbidities.

Technique that consists in a duodenal switch in which an anastomosis or intestinal union is performed.

Staged nutritional control for bariatric patients to ensure proper nutrition and weight reduction.

Elemental for the treatment of behaviors that cause obesity. Psychological guidance facilitates the attainment of healthy habits.

Our Coordinators will gladly help national and foreign patients with all the details of their trip when scheduling surgery.

Assessment of the health condition and risks of patients through medical examinations to determine the feasibility of bariatric surgery.


Dr. José Antonio Castañeda Cruz

Cirujano bariatra certificado y director general de Centro de Obesidad Dr. José Castañeda. Experto en cirugía de obesidad: manga gástrica, bypass gástrico, cruce duodenal y SADI-S. Cuenta con más de 15 años de experiencia y ha realizado más de 17mil cirugías con éxito.