Notice of Privacy

For DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER. With the trade name DR JOSÉ CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER, the health of its patients and the security of its Personal Data are the most important things in its daily work; The personal and confidential treatment of each and every one of them is essential, considering that it is about their physical and moral integrity. That is why we place special emphasis on the protection and security of Ordinary and Sensitive Personal Data that patients share with us in each medical consultation; Your information is treated with strict rigor, since our obligation, at all times, is to guarantee confidentiality in the doctor-patient relationship.


As a patient of DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER, you can rest assured that your Personal Data and the information generated in your medical diagnosis will always be treated safely, correctly, responsibly and ethically; this with the sole purpose of offering you a high quality, human service, with the warmth and respect that you deserve.


DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER, is committed to the safety of its patients and in compliance with the "Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter LFPDPPP), published on July 5, 2010 in the Diario Official of the Federation, adheres to the provisions regulated by this regulation; which is also in synchrony and adherence to the objective of our Civil Association, to be a guarantor of the treatment of your personal data. It is worth mentioning that if you are interested in learning more about this legislation and the rights that we guarantee, you can access the content of the LFPDPPP through the portals of the Federal Government itself, through the Ministry of the Interior, and of the Chamber of Deputies of the H. Congress of the Union, and whose addresses are: and


In relation to the foregoing and in compliance with the LFPDPPP we have established very specific procedures and indications for the safeguarding and protection of your personal data, for which reason it puts the following for your consideration:



The person in charge of the Treatment of your personal data, will be the Doctor José Antonio Castañeda Cruz, Legal Representative, who will be in charge of authorizing each of the movements of the Database such as: updates or deletion of stored data.


Likewise, it will be in charge of manipulating and/or managing the database and is subject to the conditions of loyalty, security and management in accordance with the provisions of the LFPDPPP, guaranteeing you the correct and due use of your personal data and the information you have provided.



For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, as well as for any matter related to it, the address located at PASEO ROYAL COUNTRY Street, exterior number 4650, interior 3, PUERTA DE HIERRO neighborhood, in the municipality of ZAPOPAN, Jalisco, is indicated.



DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER. may collect your personal data, as well as the information that it deems appropriate and accurate to determine a medical diagnosis, knowing that it is imperative to obtain it in order to provide you with the best medical care that you request and/or require. Due to this, the following information may be requested: name, Federal Taxpayer Registry, home address, home phone number, office phone number, cell phone number, other contact and/or emergency phone number, email , gender, education, full body and facial photographs, autograph signature and countersignature.


Due to the nature of medical care, data will also be requested, which according to the LFPDPPP are considered sensitive, and are the following: Clinical history, biometric data, medical examination, pre-existing diseases in the patient and in first-degree relatives, skin color, height, complexion, religious belief, and blood type; It should be noted that all the above information can also be requested when dealing with minors, information that you will have to give your express consent for treatment.



CENTRO DE OBESIDAD DR JOSÉ CASTAÑEDA., en su página web puede requerir los siguientes datos: nombre, email, teléfono, país, peso corporal, tipo de cirugía requerida, condiciones y/o razones para la cirugía. La cual es colectada en el formulario de contacto de manera voluntaria, para ser localizado y ofrecerle nuestros servicios. Y en caso de que le interese dar testimonio del servicio médico otorgado serían publicados en nuestro sitio datos como fotografía y/o video de fecha determinada y posterior. Así mismo, se obtienen cookies, los cuales son partes de información que se almacenan en su navegador. En las estadísticas de visita se registran datos como dirección IP, la cual es la dirección de su dispositivo conectado a internet cada vez que hace una petición a alguna página de CENTRO DE OBESIDAD DR CASTAÑEDA, esta información es utilizada solo con fines estadísticos.



The personal data and information that DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER. Collect, will be used, solely and exclusively, for the proper integration of the clinical file, prescription prescription, test orders that you need in relation to your medical care and medical procedure to follow.


Likewise, the data may be used to evaluate the quality of the service provided, inform you of changes that occur in the way the service is provided and to formalize a directory of the patients attended for the scheduling, re-scheduling and confirmation of medical appointments.


It should be noted that your personal data as well as your information will be stored in the Database for 5 years from the last medical appointment you attended; and in accordance with the terms of conservation of Personal Data contained in the Official Mexican Standard NOM-004-SSA3-2012 and Art. 37 of the Regulation of the LFPDPPP.



CENTRO DE OBESIDAD DR CASTAÑEDA., may transfer information regarding your personal and sensitive data to Mexican third parties, among which we can find:


- Insurance companies;

– Financing Companies;

– Clinical Laboratories; Y

– Interconsulting Physicians.


It is worth mentioning that the transfer of data to insurance or financing companies is carried out in full compliance with the request of the Data Holder (patient), because they have the benefit and/or service contracted; therefore, the insurance companies are referred what in the general media is called: "Medical Report" (Diagnosis and medical treatment) and that for such a case requires your express consent for its transfer. It can also be transferred to:


JUDICIAL AUTHORITIES as long as there is a court order.

HEALTH AUTHORITIES if required under the terms of article 107 of the General Health Law.


The non-transfer of your personal data, in the event that this is required, may result in the possibility of not offering you the medical care service that you need.


DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER., ensures that Insurance Companies, financing companies and third parties that have access to your information and personal data, comply with the privacy policy in accordance with the provisions of the LFPDPPP.



You can revoke your consent for the processing of personal data free of charge and at any time when you consider it appropriate, as well as, you can oppose the transfer of Information with third parties; We insist that the non-transfer to third parties may result in non-compliance with the previously agreed service.


To effect such revocation, it is necessary that you send your request via email, under the criteria determined in the corresponding form, which you may request by the same means, in writing with the title of electronic message: "Revocation of Consent" to the address of email, and within a maximum period of 20 calendar days, counting from the date your request was received, you will be notified, by this same means, of the origin of your request so that it becomes effective.



You, duly accredited by the legal means established by the authorities, may limit the use or disclosure of your personal data, as well as exercise, when appropriate, the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition (ARCO Rights) that the LFPDPPP establishes. and foresees; To invoke said rights, it is necessary to adhere to the form determined by DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER. about the procedure and the corresponding filling form; These can be found on our website where you can request them. Within a maximum period of 20 calendar days, counting from the date your request was received, you will be notified, by the means determined in our procedure, of the origin of your request so that it becomes effective; It is worth mentioning that making use of any of these rights may result in the non-required medical attention.



You are informed that any modification to this privacy notice will be made through our website and social networks, or through a message sent to your email when said data is available.



DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER. You may collect your personal data, as well as the information that you consider appropriate and accurate for the selection of personnel and their proper hiring. Therefore, the following information may be requested: Name, Federal Taxpayer Registry, Private Address, Cell Phone, Private Phone, CURP, Email, Marital Status, Gender, Academic data, Educational background, Letter of no criminal record, Signature , Fingerprint, Photograph, IFE or INE credential number, Social Security Number and Afore Number, Place of birth, Age, Personal references and Curriculum Vitae, Tax Information, Age, Income and Expenses, Bank Accounts.


Data will also be requested, which according to the LFPDPPP are considered sensitive, and are the following: Clinical history, Bank account, Biometric data, since the copy of your voter ID, fingerprint and signature is collected; therefore, DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER. will request your Express Consent for the Treatment of your Personal Data upon signing your respective Employment Contract.


The personal data and information that DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER. Collect, will be used solely and exclusively for: Labor relationship and control, training, identification and verification at the time of hiring; for direct payment in bank account; identification, administrative control; and to have a work record.


It should be noted that your personal data, as well as your information, will be protected by our company for 5 years from the first day you request the provision of a service, as indicated by the LFPDPPP.



In the event that you are a provider, natural or legal person, of DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER, our Privacy Notice contained herein will be equally applicable to you; Only the processing of your information may be limited to the agreements established in the contractual agreement entered into with you.



DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER will conduct itself at all times with high levels of responsibility and privacy in the processing of your personal data; However, if you consider that your right to protection of personal data has been violated by any conduct of our employees or our actions or responses, you presume that in the processing of your personal data there is a violation of the provisions set forth in Federal Law. Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, you can file the corresponding complaint or complaint with the INAI, for more information visit


DR CASTAÑEDA OBESITY CENTER. Thank you for the attention you give us to inform you about your rights and the commitment we have with the legitimate, controlled and secure handling of your information.


Dr. José Antonio Castañeda Cruz

Cirujano bariatra certificado y director general de Centro de Obesidad Dr. José Castañeda. Experto en cirugía de obesidad: manga gástrica, bypass gástrico, cruce duodenal y SADI-S. Cuenta con más de 15 años de experiencia y ha realizado más de 17mil cirugías con éxito.